Communication between DMR and a computer network

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Anders Fongen, November 2022

Abstract: The integration of a sensor network with services from voice communication, text messaging and Global Positioning System (GPS) creates opportunities for improved situational awareness, better safety for field operators, higher confidence in sensor readings and improved return on equipment investment. Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) has been the choice of communication technology for a series of experiments where these potentials have been investigated. Additional technology components used were mostly inexpensive and open source.

The article was published in the The Sixteenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM 2022) October 2022, Lisbon Portugal.

Demonstration videos

Below are two demonstration videos from the integration experiment, view these if you are not into reading academic papers:

The first video shows how to integrate a DMR radio into an pub-sub network using the MQTT protocol.

Demonstration video from the integration experiment – pubsub intergation

The second video shows how two MMDVM units can provide routing of IP packets across a DMR radio link.

Demonstration video from the integration experiment – IP routing

Full text of article

Download source code

This link allows you to download the source code in the form of a compressed tar file. Please observe that this is experimental code not meant for production, and:

  • The module is the root module, and the execution starts there
  • You will need to import the module dmr_utils3, paho-mqtt, netifaces, etc.
  • You will need to inspect the source code and modify values for ip-addresses, DMR-ids, UDP port number, MQTT topics etc.
  • You need to configure pi-star so that it connects to the Controller at its IP-address.
  • The code also includes code to route IP-packets over a DMR link. Un-comment this code if necessary, but this will require the program to run in root mode (sudo…)
  • If you make improvements and want to share them with me, you are welcome to contact me. Please accept that I cannot spend much time on advice and support otherwise.

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